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Global Warming Liars are Dead Meat
Published on June 19, 2004 By ScienceCop In Welcome
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on Jun 20, 2004
Dear Congresswoman Pelosi

I have a serious problem with a collegue of yours in the house, Christopher Cox, and I believe that you will be able to resolve this problem.

Christopher Cox was recently listed as Director on the Board of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution. The AdTI president operating on permission of the board of directors issued a scandalous press release insinuating criminal conduct of the author of a popular alternative software to Microsoft Windows operating system. Cox received $11,000 donations from Microsoft.

Additionally Becky Norton Dunlop also sits on the Board of Directors of AdTI. Dunlop hold two offices: AdTI Director and Vice President of Heritage Foundation. Heritage Foundation has a sitting member of its Board of Trustees, Robert J. Herbold, whom is an active Vice President and former CFO of Microsoft Corporation.

Dunlop organized a seminar at Heritage which featured Tom Richey, current Microsoft security consultant and associated with Homeland Security, which Cox has chair of the oversight committee.

There can be no coincidence of this plurality of connections.

The Wall Street Journal published a report which contained an unascribed Microsoft admission that Microsoft is a financial contributor to AdTI, and Wired magazine/website previously published a similar admission.

AdTI also has the disgraced Gordon Macklin listed on the Board of Directors membership. Macklin failed to perform Director oversight, as required by law, during the lengthy $9,000,000,000 accounting frauds at Worldcom.

Additionally, AdTI has a history of illegal lobbying efforts, posed as science reports, funded by the tobacco consortiums, using a conspiracy of paid "Whitecoats Project" scientist deception agents. The dossier of the AdTI-tobacco frauds has now been widely published on the internet. Elaborate and extensive documentation exists.

The AdTI past and ongoing criminal activities is offensive and repugnant. Subversion of the democratic process has resulted by coalitions of related "think tank$ and in$titute$". Five front organizations have been identified receiving Microsoft funding and issuing false and fraudulent propaganda against legal and beneficial community-motivated free software production. These five organizations share personnel, republish each others scurrilous tracts, and pose as a multiplicity by concealing that the same webservers are being used under a larger set of domain names, as if a broader public is accusing the free software community of unAmerican activities (unMicrosoft activities).

This concerted operation has been in effect for more than two years, in gross violation of court consent decree that Microsoft cease predatory anti-competitive activities.

Christopher Cox has aided and abetted, knowingly, AdTI's role in this affair.

Here is what I want:

(1) AdTI will publically fire Kenneth Brown,

(2) AdTI will publish a retraction of Brown's "Samizdat",

(3) AdTI will issue a public apology to Linus Torvalds,

(4) Cox, Macklin, Dunlop will resign from AdTI's Board,

(5) Dunlop will retire from all association with think tanks and institutes.

It is my observation that Microsoft has made substantial contributions to the democratic party and candidates. This money must not corrupt your vision as to performance of your duty. Microsoft is being restrained from evil conduct, but AdTI is being punished -- make no mistake about the differences -- if/when Microsoft is to be punished you will have no role in that, except if you are unclean.

The Tobacco connection to AdTI is to have a high profile. In particular, S. Fred Singer's role in the 1994 fraudulent science reports is going to become central to cleaning out corruption in the scientific community.

The 1992 "Warning to Humanity" shall no longer be denied its rightful voice in public discourse due to the corruption of Singer, Seitz, Ames, Gough, Michaels, Idso(s), Baliunas, Soon, and their paymasters. The tobacco-corruption associated with the "Heidelberg Appeal" is fully sufficient to topple that ediface. You will find all the evidence necessary has already been deposited in court records and publically online, thanks to the tobacco lawsuits by 46 states attorneys general.

As you can see, from my above statements, there is no wiggle-room. Not for Cox, et al, not for you. You will perform your duty. You shall do so expeditiously.

Your staff may contact me at my public email address for such further documentation as may be required to efficiently and diligently prosecute to solution to this problem.

Thank You in advance for your cooperation.

Sincerely, Lion Kuntz