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March 23, 2005 by ScienceCop
The Internets TOP 100 LINKS for Bush-Family Hitler Auschwitz Genocide Mass Murder American-Nazi-Axis

The Internets
TOP 100 LINKS for
Bush-Family Hitler
Auschwitz Genocide Mass Murder
Top Twenty-Five links for "Bush" AND "Hitler" on Results about 1,480,000 for Bush Hitler.

The Memory Hole > The Bush-Hitler Ads Removed by MoveOn
... Out of th...
March 14, 2005 by ScienceCop
The Destruction of Science
By Organized Crime
by Lion Kuntz, Science Cop

Because of the recent 60th anniversary of the nazi Auschwitz Murder Camp I revisited the web offerings on the Holocaust. I soon found that there are over 1,500,000 links to the Bush forefathers involvement in the rise of Hitler to Power. As I toured the online evidences of murderous experiments and bizarre science practices by nazi "eugenic" (the word means creating a master race by breeding selected specime...
July 18, 2004 by ScienceCop

TheIndisputable Corruption of George C. Marshall Institute's FrederickSeitz, Disgraced, Malignant, and the Conspiracies he has been involvedin.

Frederick Seitz applied to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for work in 1978.His proposal was to oversee the medical research grants given out toworthwhile research projects. However, unknown to the public, tobaccocompanies had discovered for certainty that their products had healthdamage as early as the 1950s. They ha...
July 15, 2004 by ScienceCop
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July 4, 2004 by ScienceCop
"When Think Tanks Attack" July 2004: 10,900 new links to "When Think Tanks Attack"Extremely popular, this weblog entry posted June 23rd now has 10,900 links across the internet, briskly discussed on multiple forums by computer geeks eager to volunteer to do data searches to bust these criminal conspiracies.This website added 1,800 new links in the past 14 hours since I checked last, with momentum increasing!
July 2, 2004 by ScienceCop
When Think Cells Don't Fire

Some time in the past I identified numerous think tanks similar to Alexis de Tocqueville Institution -- AdTI -- with similar attack pieces subverting LINUX and OPEN SOURCE software. I identified that several different conspirator websites were operating from the same servers, simulating a larger unrest movement against L/OSS. My data was not taken up for discussion here, but a weblog reporting underhanded tactics of AdTI had a comments feature that allowed ...
June 21, 2004 by ScienceCop
The Corrupt Heidelberg Appeal, and the corrupt S. Fred Singer===========================
Heidelberg Appeal to Heads of States and Governments  Date: 18 Mar 1993 (est.)
Length: 1 page

Scanned, barely legible, copy of "Heidelberg Appeal" deceptively crafted to mislead non-conspirator scientists and policy leaders that bad science comes from industry enemies, whereas, the organizers of this appeal were industry paid deception agents hired ...
June 21, 2004 by ScienceCop
William Hazeltine, AdTI, S. Fred Singer and Tobacco Serial Murder corporationsThere is more than one Hazeltine in the world. There is even more than one W.E. Hazeltine. There are also Hazelton and Hazletons in the world. This collection of links attempts to correctly identify one single Hazeltine, named William Hazeltine, collaborator in a science fraud perpetrated by S. Fred Singer in 1994.

The event in question was a "science" report commisioned by Lorillard Tobacco Company and the Tobacco ...
June 20, 2004 by ScienceCop
The Corrupt S. Fred Singer, corrupt Fred Seitz, corrupt AdTI, corrupt George Marshall Institute.

When the corrupt S. Fred Singer assembles a team of corrupted academics and scientific "Whitecoats" to lend authority to the tobacco whitewash reports he was contracted to do, one of the team was William Hazelton (misspelled in a 1989 RJ Reynolds document as 'Hazleton'. Because of the typo it was missed in the first computer search of online documents, but turned up in a second finer search.

June 20, 2004 by ScienceCop
Documenting the Corruption of S. Fred Singer
Duplication of material on several webpages is provided to insure that the occasional webpage that is removed or edited does not deprive investigators access to all of the relevent facts of S. Fred Singer's corruption.
S. Fred Singer -- Coal
============= Leipzig Declaration emerged from a November 1995 confere...
June 20, 2004 by ScienceCop
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution has been corrupt since at least 1993, when it engaged upon fraudulent science publications using paid tobacco 'whitecoats' to smear the EPA's attempts to regulate tobacco-caused serial murders.
The following data table of Alexis de Tocqueville Institution Staff and Directors was located in a cache on June 9th, 2004. It may, or may not, be still available. Evidently AdTI is attempting to hide their information, and has wholesale removed data pages fro...
June 19, 2004 by ScienceCop
Specializing in digging up hard evidence, concrete facts good enough to stand up in courts of law, Science Cop is out to blow away the fake science of Global Warming frauds and criminal conspirators to serial murder corporation. Don't do the Crime if you can't do the Time. ONE strike and your out of science for life!