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How Corrupt Corporation undermine Science
Published on June 21, 2004 By ScienceCop In Pure Technology

William Hazeltine, AdTI, S. Fred Singer and Tobacco Serial Murder corporations

There is more than one Hazeltine in the world. There is even more than one W.E. Hazeltine. There are also Hazelton and Hazletons in the world. This collection of links attempts to correctly identify one single Hazeltine, named William Hazeltine, collaborator in a science fraud perpetrated by S. Fred Singer in 1994.

The event in question was a "science" report commisioned by Lorillard Tobacco Company and the Tobacco Institute as one of a series of events which was a part of a much large deception operation. Ultimately a report was published, and both Singer's and Hazeltine's names were attached.

The key issue is identifying if this "Hazeltine" is the same one associated with other science corruption elsewhere.

The Hazeltine associated with Singer is presumed the same one associated with Singer one year earlier, in the fraudulent "Heidelberg Appeal" coalition with roots in the asbestos industry of the prior year. A number of tobacco documents mention both the "Heidelberg Appeal" and the "International Center for Scientific Ecology" as being one and the same thing. Presenters at this pseudo-science conference included Singer and Hazeltine, and the subject matter was identical in the meeting as was covered in the "Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: a Critical Examination" Alexis de Tocqueville Institution report.

Because of the tobacco-angle, it seems safe to assume that this early 1993 list of supporters for TASSC is the same Hazeltine. (Page 2)

Since we have linkage identifying this Hazeltine with DDT, and with ICSE, and with TASSC, it seems certain that the Hazeltine cited five times on the tobacco-created website page is the same Hazeltine. One ironic fact, #82 "Changes in climate (higher temperatures and decreasing precipitation) were blamed for the gradual disappearance of peregrines from the Rocky Mountains." When it is convenient Steven J. Milloy will charge Climate Change and excessive warming to pergrin falcon decreases rather than admit that DDT played a role, but Milloy will insist there has never been any harmful climate warming anywhere else.

A William Hazeltine is cited on this OISM webpage " As to the cancer fears, the late William Hazeltine, Ph.D., presented an analysis at a seminar sponsored by the International Center for Scientific Ecology on May 10, 1993. In his assessment, evidence for the carcinogenicity of DDT is limited and weak. Nonmalignant hepatomas were induced in mice fed maximum tolerated doses of DDT for their entire life. Hazeltine was skeptical of a study by Wolff et al. (JNCI 1993;85:648-652) purporting to show higher levels of organochlorine residues in women with breast cancer. The levels were at the limit of detection of the gas chromatography system used."

OISM is linked to Frederick Seitz and a counterfeit anti-Kyoto petition issued jointly. Seitz is Vice President of S. Fred Singer's "Science and Environmental Policy Project" ("SEPP"), and a long-time appendage on the tobacco-industry payrolls. Since there is a good certainty this is the same Hazeltine we know that he has a laboratory and does cancer research with DDT.

From the mounting collection of facts gradually assembling through dilligent investigation, it is certain that this is the exact same Hazeltine discussed in a 1978 book, The Pesticide Conspiracy, Dr. Robert van den Bosch, Doubleday 1978. In describing an industry-front organization, the California Educational Foundation on Agriculture and Food Production (CEFAFP), this description fits out Hazeltine: "William Hazeltine, mosquito abater and vociferous proponent of DDT".

It seems likely that another mention of Hazeltine matches the one under scruitiny, from an internet article titled 'HOW THE BIODIVERSITY TREATY WENT DOWN': "Hugh W. Ellsaesser and William Hazeltine, both of whom are serve on the board of the Environmental Conservation Organization, a "wise use" network of hundreds of organizations (1994)".

Hazeltine is still listed with the organization, ten years after his death, though with (dec) after his name.

Hazeltine is author of an article posted on an Argentinian website with an organication name that evokes the fraudulent ICSE mentioned above: Foundation Argentiean Ecology Scientific (FAEC). Dr. William Hazeltine is an entomologist who until his recent retirement headed he Hutte County, California Mosquito Abatement Program. He is a frequent commentator on environmental affairs.

All of these connections to anti-nature, chlorine (DDT is a chlorine product) or tobacco funded, are environmental deceptions solidly linked to one man. Several Tobacco documents are not as clear. Hazelton was in Europe for the 1993 ICSE Heidelberg Appeal fake-science meeting, and he did run a lab and do experiments.

Further investigation is required to solidly link this Hazeltine to other spellings found in tobacco documents. There is even a possibility that a business name using a varied spelling was used to deflect any possibility of connecting him to large sums of money, a couple million dollars to be more exact.

In two draft documents Hazeltine is typed on a page, and hand-writing has scratch through that and inserted Hazelton. In a third it is left as original, Hazeltine. The subject of the letters is lab tests for a project known as CIAR.

CIAR is another fraudulent science smokescreen, like the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution phoney report "Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: a Critical Examination", and the whole "Whitecoats Project" that was going on throughout this time period.

It does not come through clearly exactly what the "Hazelton study results" are, but the spelling is not the same as our man but is the same as two other documents where Hazeltine was changed to Hazelton. The time period is consistent with Hazeltine's active conspiracy, and the subject matter is in his department.

This 1990 document discuses a Hazelton laboratory results from an apparent British laboratory on organophosphate pesticide residues, which is in Hazeltine's specialty, but there is no corroboration that this Hazeltine was working in Britain for a number of years as Hazelton or Hazeltine.

Since the man is dead, it makes little sense in pinning more crimes on him than is necessary to prove that he was completely corrupt to the core as proved by the previous document citations.

The point of this exercise has been to nail each and every single associate to AdTI's contribution to the tobacco consortium's Whitecoats Project deception operation of 1994, because there are still living bad guys out there who need to be nailed.

S. Fred Singer is still allowed to dispute Global Warming science, even so far as continuing to offer testimony to congress, when he was corrupt and every single associate of his was corrupt at one moment in time where evidence gathered from secret files of the tobacco company can prove it. If ever there are similar criminal conspiracy trials of the chlorine, pesticide, coal, oil & gas companies, I am sure there would be interesting documents surface, but that is not required to prove the permanent lifelong untrustworthyness of S. Fred Singer.

Following these trails it shall be possible, one by one, to dismantle the fake-science smokescreens and deception tactics about chemical pollution, biotech frauds, global warming lies causing immanent harm to our planet.

The AdTI organization recently attacked community-spirited free software production on behest of its client Microsoft, whom is not satisfied to have more money than they know how to spend. AdTI should not be there to offer corrupt services to Microsoft, because the evidence of AdTI's illegal lobbying for tobacco clients is on the internet. Getting rid of AdTI is one purpose served by looking at William Hazeltine.

Another reason to know the utter corruption of Hazeltine and every member of Singer's 1994 Whitecoats team is to be able to demonstrate that still living people, like the Dean of Rochester Institute of Technology served on a corrupt project with corrupt people and could not have failed to know it. Especially when other connections to these members of this group are shown, and connections to other corrupt institutions link people after the fact, demonstrating a continuity of subversive activity as a pattern of behavior.

There is one document which calls into question how much involvement these dispicable scientists actually were in this project:

This document says the report is written and signed off by AdTI execs and authors, they prefer no major rewrite by the tobacco company or else the authors need to approve it all over again before putting their names to it. There was an original section on chlorine which became DDT by the time the report was published. Cesar Conda (AdTI) is asking for names, wants ten but would settle for six. The final report has 19, plus the authors, plus the senior AdTI staff.

If it wasn't for other pieces of evidence of corruption connected to the names of this group, there might be a temptation to think that they had nothing to actually do with it -- they got a phone call, asked if it would be ok to list them as peer-reviewers (who is ever going to know, right), and they may never have even seen the report before or after it was published. Like Hazeltine above, his appearance at the "Heidelberg Appeal" International Center for Scientific Ecology, was on the same program with Gerhard Stohrer, who has his own dossier of corrupt history. As tempting as it may be to dismiss culpibility on the evidence of this one Tobacco Institute document, the weight of the whole evidence is out there showing something dirty they tried to hide.

I leave you with William Hazeltine's voice from the grave...
"One of America's greatest medical researchers, Dr. William Hazeltine, has found that small amounts of DDT actually lower the risk of leukemia and breast cancer in lab animals. (The animals appeared so much healthier, lab technicians started referring to this miracle compound as 'vitamin DDT.')"

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