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Losers and L/OSSers getting a beating by criminal conspiracy
Published on July 2, 2004 By ScienceCop In Pure Technology

When Think Cells Don't Fire

Some time in the past I identified numerous think tanks similar to Alexis de Tocqueville Institution -- AdTI -- with similar attack pieces subverting LINUX and OPEN SOURCE software. I identified that several different conspirator websites were operating from the same servers, simulating a larger unrest movement against L/OSS. My data was not taken up for discussion here, but a weblog reporting underhanded tactics of AdTI had a comments feature that allowed me to post some of the same data there.

That author took the data seriously. He further investigated (as Groklaw readers should have done) and discovered additional cases beyond the ones I cited. He wrote a piece called "When Think Tanks Attack".

"When Think Tanks Attack" was an immediate success.

Posted on June 23rd, a week ago, it has garnered 5,830 links on search engine.

Results 1 - 10 of about 5,830 for "When Think Tanks Attack"

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Meanwhile, the original data that got Lambert started has been languishing on...
... where the only links are on forum where the author posted heads-up alerts.

The original data was revised in format and many additional links added, branched off into multiple webpages to each focus on a piece of the felony criminal conspiracy, involving AdTI as only a peripheral actor.

Dirty directors of AdTI have been identified:

I previously reported that ZDnet, CNET and MSN have binding contractual agreements. MSN is, of course, MICROSOFT. Any appearance of felony conspiracy to violate Sherman Antitrust Act is ACTUALLY a witnessed violation of felony conspiracy -- it is not an appearance, it is the real thing, a FELONY act of CRIME committed premeditatedly by an author with access to the truth (as I posted my data on The author is not even entitled to presumption of innocence when the true DATA has been published on a branch of the organization, and the legal concept of NOTICE comes into effect.

Since L/OSSers are not very interested in conspiracy, beyond where it impacts themselves directly and immediately, only the AdTI scandal stuff has attracted minimal interest. While lawyers believed to be intelligent enough to follow a year-long multi-courtroom fracas with SCO v L/OSSers, and programmers believed to be smart enough to grok millions of lines of code, were presumed to be able to follow threads of a conspiracy far simplier (but by no means "simple") than all that.

That was a misjudgement on my part. It is my error to misconstrue the simacrulum of intelligence as representing alertness of mind and powers of paying attention. As PT Barmum said "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public".

After months of trying I cannot even get token admissions that a Federal Judge knows their business, and picked apart SCO's (AT&T/USL) copyright claims in 1993:

There are NO SCO copyrights left to argue in five courts, and there hasn't been any for 11 years.

What you are seeing is felony frauds, felony conspiracies, to strip L/OSSers of their knowledge of their rights by the "BIG lIE" strategy of using OWNED mass media to replicate lies virally. You refuse to see the little man behind the curtain operating the levers of illusion, so, Dorothy, you are stuck in OZ.

If they couldn't Kill You with Tobacco Smoke
They can surely get you with Global Warming..

Here are the Global Warming counterfacts (partial list):

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