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"When Think Tanks Attack" momentum
Published on July 4, 2004 By ScienceCop In Pure Technology

"When Think Tanks Attack"

05 July 2004: 10,900 new links to "When Think Tanks Attack"

Extremely popular, this weblog entry posted June 23rd now has 10,900 links across the internet, briskly discussed on multiple forums by computer geeks eager to volunteer to do data searches to bust these criminal conspiracies.

This website added 1,800 new links in the past 14 hours since I checked last, with momentum increasing!

When Think Tanks Attack

Also, updated, strengthened with new links, and new graphics, including map-linking interactively:

on Jul 04, 2004
Great post. I predict The Geeks are going to start getting more political, and when they do they're going to kick the snot out of the lawyers who dominate politics, and effect some real change.